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I received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Eastern Michigan University and also earned a BFA at Eastern Michigan University. I'm a freelance artist & designer and also teach at Oakland University in Rochester Michigan. I have artwork in the permanent collections of Alma College, Eastern Michigan University, Washtenaw Community College, Kellogg Community College and 6 large scale pieces in Michigan State University's Collection.

I started my career in graphic design and worked many years in commercial art working for various companies and clients. Design is my love and passion. I enjoy creating all types of design from digital to hand done. My primary medium for creating my own art is screen-printing. I enjoy the bold colors and offset look that I am able to achieve which draws me to the screen-printing process. I design most of my personal work on the computer and hand print it myself using the screen and squeegee. 


My work exists in the fine line between graphic design and fine art. I find inspiration in challenging what we normally consider art and design to be. I am drawn to printmaking for that very reason. It allows me to use the computer to create my work and also allows me a hands on application to make me more connected with the art.


I am influenced by artists who have also tried to bridge the gap between art and design. Specific influences range from Toulouse Lautrec to Andy Warhol to contemporary artists like Shepard Fairy, Barbara Kruger and Robert Williams. I also draw much inspiration from Robert Rauschenberg who continually crossed media lines in his work and was always questioning what art was and could be.


For the imagery of my work, I try to create a unique sense of color, form and composition. I find interest in the artistic representation and emotion of everyday life, occurrences and actions. I see my art as a reflection of contemporary life, focused on the positive and emotional impact of the viewer. The subject matter for my work comes from memories, thoughts and ideas that have affected and influenced my life. I hope to convey this in a universal way that is relatable to the viewers own experiences.

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